Living Life With Joy!

The goal of Living Life With Joy! is to​ bring people together to provide mental, emotional, social and physical skills to assist them in healthier decision making and to reclaim radiant health & well-being.  Participants become more grounded, aware and balanced by learning to let go of the past, releasing what no longer serves them and planting seeds of new healthy habits.  Participants will learn how to break the cycle of negative behaviors and thoughts and build healthy relationships.

Living Life with Joy! promotes and encourages the development of a clear understanding mind, which reduces stress and anxiety, creates healthier choices and stimulates fresh perspectives and new possibilities.  The program teaches mind-changing techniques to promote strength, dignity, and clarity of purpose. 

Through self-study, the individuals will look at any beliefs, fears, reactions, and desires that limit them and prevent them from living fully, authentically and joyfully.  Through this introspective process, the individual will gain the courage, power, and creativity to touch move, act and inspire themselves and others.

Living Life With Joy!

Looking Within

Session 1

  • Consciousness- gaining a deeper spiritual connection  
  • Examining our beliefs and how they are formed and shaped in childhood.
  • Learning about emotional intelligence and how it relates to thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
  • Gaining an understanding of how emotional intelligence is key to good health and deeper spirituality. 
  • Looking at habits and how they are formed
  • Examine negative habits that may be blocking us or holding us back. 
Exercise: Mindful breathing, introduction to 3 part breath

Bringing Awarness

Session 2


  • Discussion regarding external and internal awareness and judgments  
  • Observe your actions and reactions begin to notice your feelings and self-talk in any given situations.
  • Understand your defense mechanism.
  • Discussion of how habits are formed and how they can be changed. 
  • The positive, negative and neutral mind and how self-talk (Inner Conversation) affects our daily living.
  • Staying in the Present moment
  • Calming the mind exercise review 3 part breathing techniques  


Climbing the emotional hill

Session 3

  • Letting go
  • Examing buttons and how they are pushed
  • Climbing the emotional hill 
  • Introspection
  • Visualization
  •  Integrity with self and becoming a joyful being
  • Review

Joyful Being

Session 4

  • Regaining personal power
  • Desire, Belief, Expectation
  • Human being vs. Human doing
  • Introspection
  • Creating a calming effect
  • Discussion of Meditation
  • Discussion of creating a vision for intention and action
  • A few good moves