Sense Organs

Sense organs always perceive everything only in comparison with something else,  What you know in comparison s not perception, it is a distortion of reality.


Good morning, 

My name is Joy Jangdhari

Today it feels very good to be here and I would like to thank all of you for being here.


This program provides evidence-based and practical methods to improve emotional Intelligence, facilitate well being and improve stress responses. the mind which is the source of our thoughts has created that we are separate from another. you maybe separate in color, in height, linguistically, culturally, are we individually at all?    

Thought- Description

The english word mind is just a generic word it does not describe the different dimension of what the mind is.  Mind is not just one thing doing something.  There is a physical body and there is a mental body.  What your calling as mind right now is a certain combination of memory and intelligence.   

There is memory in your body than you can imagine. ​ You definitely don't remember how your great-great-great grandmother looked like but her nose is sitting on your face right now.

You don't remember a thing consciously but your body remembers one hundred percent.  How is it that 10 generations ago your body still remembers.  A million years ago your forefathers your body still remembers.  Your mind is not capable of this kind of memory but your body will not forget.  Your body has more memory then your so called brain.  

The context of thought you can only think from the data that you already have gathered.  That means you can never think anything new.  You can recycle it you can rehash it,  but you cannot think something absolutely new.  It is not in the nature of the thought to come up with something new.  It can only recycle the past.  If you dedicate yourself to your thought process you are ensuring nothing new ever happens in your life.  What you think is your psychological drama.  Because it's your drama your drama is important for you.  For someone else's drama, it's important for them,  Everybody thinks their drama is the most important drama in the universe.  This is everybody's experience, because they are so identified with their own psychological drama.  This psychological drama should not determine the nature of your life because this is just a small happening compared to the life process.  

knowledge is accumulated thought time. You have an experience, that experience makes a mark on the brain which becomes knowledge, from that knowledge comes memory and thought. 

Joke: People had lined up to check in at the check-in counter, one man came briskly, jumped the line, went straight to the counter and thrust his ticket. The lady at the counter said " Sir, there is a line, please."  He said, " No no, I'm in a hurry." "Well," she said, " Everybody is in a hurry, you are all getting on the same plane. So, please stand in the line."  Then he raised his voice, " Do you know who I am?" She looked at him, promptly picked up the microphone and said, " There is a man here who does not know who he is, can somebody help him, please" So, you should never address this question to someone else.  So, you should never address this question to someone else.  Everyone is talking because they picked up a book who am I?... "Who are you?"  " Who am I ?"  is a question that should be addressed within you, digging every time you ask it, digging it deeper and deeper and deeper into yourself.  You are asking when what is the nature of my existence Am I this body, am I this am I that because whichever way you look at it, you can prove " I'm that", because with everything there is some substance.  You can prove yourself to be a women, You can say I'm just a piece of life you can say your god somebody might think your something else, but for everything there is some substance.  So you can argue for it but that's not the point.  Really what is the nature of your existence?  See this as a practical thing.  If you want to know how to use the camera well the more you know about it, the better it is.  So, self realization is a very practical thing, not an esoteric thing.  All the things that you think that are esoteric are all the things that you don't have an understanding of, you want to make it mystical.   Let's understand this word mysticism or mystical.  Anything you don't understand will look mystical to you, isn't it?  Suppose you don't know what's electricity, you have no concept of that.  Now I press something here boom, lights come on. Very mystical for your, isn't it?   See, if I just hasd a light bulb a thousand years ago,  

How you are within yourself is important, what you wear may be socially important, what you drive may be important somewhere else, what kind of home you live in ma be important for some other reason by existentially, there's only one thing important " how are you within yourself?  Are you pleasant or unpleasant every moment of your life?  In twenty-four hours, how many moments of pleasantness, how many moments of unpleasantness and how much support does it need to keep you pleasant, that's the question.  Right now in the pursuit of well-being we've ripped the planet apart and still, well-being is not happening.  Comfort has happened, convenience has happened, well-being for sure has not happened.  As a generation of people we are the most comfortable generation ever, never before anybody could even imagine these things.  But we cannot say we are the most joyful or blissful or ecstatic generation.  Every generation some people live fantastic within themselves others went through all the nonsense they had to go through.  This is not because of what has happened to them.  See there are two kinds of suffering physical pain can happen to you because somebody may cause something to you, or somebody has no food, the you're in a war zone or somebody is poking you.  In the last 30 years how many times has it happened to you, somebody took a knife and poked you?  Maybe in school somebody poked you with a pin at most and you were not ever worth that no body poked you.  Physically, how many times suffering entered you form outside?  Very very minimal. The rest is all self help.  People causing suffering to themselves daily- sit, stand, whatever happens, see you will see people, most of them are driving their dream car on the streets, How many are driving joyfully?  If the traffic light takes ten more seconds, they are freaking in their dream machine.  Is it not a blessing that you brought this vehicle after working for whatever number of years, The traffic is making sure, you stay in your dream machine for a little longer.  Just about anything people are suffering.  So suffering is not happening  

 And from that movement, we live.  That is experience, knowledge, memory, thought, and action.  From that action, you learn more which becomes knowledge.  So we move in this cycle. experience, knowledge, memory, thought, action and from that action, you learn acquire more knowledge and keep in this cycle.  That is what our life is.  That is what we are doing all the time. Experience can never be complete, any kind of experience therefor action is always incomplete.

And we are saying knowledge is not intelligence.  Intelligence is totally away from that.  If you understand that very deeply then you might make a radical revolution in relationship. First, understand the cycle in which our brain and human mind work.  always acquiring knowledge modifying it and adding to it all the time, and therefore living all the time in a cycle of time.  And therefore in that cycle, there can never be a wholeness a completeness.  

Do you actually see that or is that a theory?   Do you actually perceive how your life operates?  Experience, knowledge, memory, thought action.  From this action, you learn more, add more knowledge and have kept moving in this constant cycle. That is our life both technologically as well as Psychologically inwardly.  Technologically it is useful.  To build a computer to build a bridge to build a car you must have accumulated knowledge add change and move.  That same thing operates in our daily life.  So we are asking can that bring about a right relationship?  Is relationship based on knowledge and if it is then it is incomplete?  Therefore there is conflict in it.

If you understand that not verbally, not theoretically but actually then we can investigate is it possible to move away from that? 

Is there an action a way of living which is not based on memory, based on experience therefore based on knowledge?  Knowledge becomes repetitive

which becomes mechanical?  So our life becomes mechanical which it is.

Now we are going to find out if there is a way of living with knowledge technologically driving a car, going to your home, learning a language doing a skillful job efficiently. etc.   There you need memory, knowledge, experience. And we are saying Psychologically inwardly is knowledge necessary? Because as long as your depending psychologically on your relationship that is based on knowledge, therefore, its incomplete, therefore there must be conflict in your relationship.  That is inevitable.  So can our brain which has been so accustomed to this way of habit, of knowledge, see or move away even for a few minutes?  See how important it is to find out a way of living which is not based on knowledge.   Our action is of time that is I have learned, I have acquired knowledge, and I act from that knowledge.

The acquisition of knowledge takes time.  Is there an action that is not based on time?  Understand the logic, the sequence of this question.   Our brain is used to time, the habit of this, experience, knowledge, memory, thought action from that action learn, more knowledge. Our brain is conditioned to that.  And being conditioned to that our relationship to another is partial never complete, and therefore that which is incomplete must inevitably breed conflict, strife, anxiety, and jealousy misery. 

Is there a way of living, acting that is not of that?

To come upon that you have to investigate the nature of an action which is not born of time therefore not born of knowledge.  That is what is intelligence?  The computer can do all this that a human being does that is acquire experience, store up memory, respond, learn and add more knowledge to it.  A computer can play with a master chess player first time it is beaten, so it learns the moves, why has it been beaten?  The learning has stored up in the tape as memory.   The second time it plays it learns more, and the third time and the fourth time after that it beats every chess master.  That's how our brains are working.  Learn, knowledge, fail, more knowledge so gradually you become an expert. 

What is the difference between the human brain and the computer?   

The computer is learning constantly acquiring knowledge so it can reply instantly.  That is what our brain is doing.  So what is the difference between the human brain and the computer?  There isn't any.  So we begin to inquire what is intelligence? If the machine can do it and the human brain can do it there is not much difference.  The human brain has some other quality which is to find out what is intelligence?  WE are inquiring what is intelligence?  If the computer can do what the human brain can do then we are not intelligent.  Therefore there is a quality of intelligence we can find out.  First, there is the quality of observation.

Do you observe anything or is your brain observing?

There is a difference between optical observation and observation of thought.  

Which is it that you do?

Can you observe without the interference of thought?

So observation is pure, clear, and from that clarity and purity, there is an action.  But the moment thought comes in there it begins with knowledge.  are you following the whole movement?  So there is an action that is born out of pure observation and therefore without time which is immediate!  That is intelligence!

Now can that intelligence operate in your daily relationship?  It's only then you can end all conflict.  Because where there is conflict there could be no love.  Where there is jealousy the other is not. Where there is anxiety, fear, attachment, that is the greatest thing in life not.  

Know thyself -Breaking the pattern of conditioning 

Truth is where you are how to finish with all the miseries 

You are about to take a journey to explore new  (and old !) paths, discover fresh perspectives, and create possibilities.  Through self-study, you will look at any beliefs, fears, reactions, and desires that limit you and prevent you from living fully, authentically, and joyfully.  Through regular practice, you will open doors to look at the many different facets of your life.  You will uncover "masks" you made for yourself that you no longer need to protect and survive in this world.  You will create the awareness and balance of a clear and understanding mind.  Through this process, you will gain the courage, aliveness, and creativity to touch, move and inspire yourself and others.

 What the Technology for your Psychology celebrates is the gift of human creativity and innovation and overcoming the emotional traps,

 And the only way we'll do this is by seeing our creative capacities for the richness they are and seeing our children for the design that they are.

And our task is to educate their whole being, so they can face this future.

By the way, we may not see this future but they will.  And our job is to help them make something out of it.

 I don't know you personally but I know this about you.

There are approximately 30 people in this room today. 

If you're in this room you are the person in your family in your workplace, in your circle of friends  when their lives fall apart, when their perfect marriage ends in a day and when their career falls apart and when their health fails that you're the one that they come to you and say what happened? What happened to my life because you have the courage to see the world in a different way. You have the strength to live your life in a different way.  And this is very very important and this is why we are here today.

  We are here today to do something very powerful very important.  There is an understanding of the external world we call a science and a technology.  As there is an external situation that we call a technology through which we can create external conditions.

 Example: this room that we are in we can control and make it a room temperature that is pleasant and comfortable for us. With the technology for your Psychology, there is an exploration and method to create wellbeing and expanding the minds of the human beings perception.  The science for you to create the internal well-being.

Working with the science of Thoughts and Emotions:

A thought is formed out of knowledge from experience, which becomes a memory held in the brain cells. So thought is a material process.  When there is an acceptance a psychological authority example conditioning and domestication there must be a disorder because it brings conflict within one's self.

Our belief in things gives us help sometimes protection.  So your depending on another's beliefs, fears, reactions, and desires. 

Observing the conflict within one's self.

Workbook exercise: When you depend on the belief of another the consequence is fear.

What are the attachments that cause chosos in our lives?

Looking at What attachments we have in our lives Psychologically. 


We are credential- orientated that there is a belief in some kind of basic harmony.

The problem of everyday life are a way of destroying our credentials, our comfort and security, and they present us with an opportunity to relate with our emotions.

With dealing with the emotions we are dealing not only with the "consciousness" but also with the "concept", "intellect."

The emotions are composed of energy, which can be likened to water, and a dualistic thought process, which could be likened to pigment or paint. When energy and thought are mixed together they become the vivid and colorful emotions.

 The concept gives the energy a particular location, a sense of relationship, which makes the emotions vivid and strong.

Fundamentally, the reason why emotions are discomforting painful, frustrating is that our relationship to the emotions is not quite clear.   

At the level of the structure of ego has become so efficient that there is a conflict between the administration of ego and the central ignorance itself.

It is like the king's minister had become more powerful than the king himself.  This seems to be the point where emotions become painful because you are not quite certain what your relationship to your emotions is.  There is a tremendous conflict, a feeling that you are being overpowered by your emotions, that you are losing your basic identity, your center of command.

So the pain of emotion comes from this conflict; the relationship is always ambivalent.  However, if a person is actually able to relate fully and thoroughly with emotions, then they cease to become an external problem.

The division and all the conflicts that go on between what you are and what you should be.  So the mind including the brain has lived in this pattern.  It is in the pattern of disorder.

Exercise:  Look at your own mind and how disorderly it is.  Disorder means conflict.  The conflict between what is going on the reactions, the responses, the reflexes, the authorities the sanctions.  Which is conflict the desire to become something?

One is able to make very close contact with the emotions and the war between your emotions and yourself; you and your projections, you and the world outside become transparent.  This involves removing the dualistic barriers set up by concepts, which is the experience of concepts, the absence of relative concepts, emptiness.  Actually, we, do not see things completely as they are.  Generally, we perceive something, and then we look.  Looking in this case os the act of imposing names and associations on things,  Seeing things means accepting what they are, but looking means unnecessary effort to make sure that you are safe, that nothing is going to confuse you in your relationship to the world,  So we create our security by putting things into categories, naming them, by using relative terns to identify their interrelationships, how they fit together.  And this security brings temporary happiness and comfort,

What are your credentials?


A larger slice of life:

The essential thing about life is people want to experience this life as profoundly as possible.   If a man or women go to church, bar, the temple he or she is looking to experience a life they can have in terms of experience. 

Some people think education will do it.

Some people think sex will do it.

Some people think love will do it.

every life is striving to become a full - fledge life.

Let me ask a question? 

 How many people in this room believe you have a power within your body that is not fully used? 

 How many believe that the power is there first? 

The question is why aren't we using that power? We have a potential that is way up here but we only use a small part.   There's a reason why and this is why we are here today to explore the "Technology for your Psychology"


Technology:  The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes

Psychology: The Scientific study of the human mind and it's functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context.


This program provides the education for accessing and beginning to understand the internal landscape from a science that has been updated of "who we are" I have a big interest in education and I think we all do.

We have a huge vested interest in it partly because it's education that's meant to take us into this future that we can't grasp. We have no idea what's going to happen in terms of the future.

We have no idea how it's going to play out. 

What I found out in my life is everybody has an interesting education.  Some people when you ask about their education they pin you to the wall.  It's one of those things that goes deep with people.

Am I right?

Like religion, and money and other things.

If you think about children starting school this year, they will be retiring in 2078. Nobody has any a clue despite all the expertise that's been on parade what the world will look like in five years time. 

And yet we're meant to be educating them for it.

So the unpredictability is extraordinary.  In the western world in the modern world, we base our understanding of our lives and the universe upon science. And science is good and sometimes science is wrong. There are two places that science has made false assumptions about you, about me, about our universe about this world. Two places and we are going to identify what those places are and we are going to explore them today because it changes everything, when we understand the truth where science made the mistake. Looking at the capacities of children and their creativity and innovativeness. 

noun: creativity

the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

synonyms: inventiveness, imagination, innovation, innovativeness, originality, individuality;, we will explore the extraordinary evidence of human creativity.

First I would like to talk about creativity and innovation and how it is as important in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same statusThe creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the object it loves.

Carl Jung

Picasso once said this, he said that all children are born artists.  

The problem is to remain an artist as we grow up."

What we do know is we are not prepared to be wrong.

You will never come up with anything original if you're not prepared to be wrong. I believe this passionately, If we are not balanced in our internal landscape that we don't grow into creativity we grow out of it.

There is an indication the whole structure of education is shifting. ) We will explore the extraordinary evidence of human creativity and the capacity that we all have within us.


There was a little girl in a drawing lesson, she was six and she was at the back of the classroom drawing and the teacher said this girl hardly ever paid attention and in this drawing lesson, she did.

The teacher was fascinated she went over to her and she said: "What are you drawing?"

The girl said "I'm drawing a picture of God, and the teacher said "but no one knows what God looks like and then the girl said, "they will in a minute."


This story is about 3 boys who were in a Christmas play with the nativity scene you know the bit were 3 kings come in?

They came in bearing gifts gold frankincense and myrrh. 

The 3 boys came in, 4 years old with tea towels on their heads and they put these boxes down.  

The first boy said "I bring you gold" 

And the second boy said " I bring you myrrh"

And the third boy said " Frank sent this" 

Kids if they don't know they will give it a go.

What these stories have in common is kids will take a chance.

If they don't know they will take a chance.

Am I right? 

They are not frightened of being wrong.

I don't mean to say that being wrong is the same thing as being creative.  

And by the time most kids get to be adults most kids have lost that capacity.

They have been frightened of being wrong.

And the result is we are educating people out of their creative capacities.  


We need to radically rethink our view of intelligence.

1.  It's diverse

We think about the world in all the ways we experience it.

We think visually

We think in sound

We think kinesthetically

We think in abstract terms 

We think in movement

2.  Secondly 

Intelligence is dynamic

If you look at the interaction of the human brain, intelligence is wonderfully interactive.

The brain is not divided into compartments.

As we know there's a shaft of nerves that joins the two halves of the brain.

3. And the third thing about intelligence is it's distinct.  

I have produced, directed and hosted TV shows in NY.

The Television shows were talk shows, Educational, motivational and inspirational.

Which are based on a series of interviews with people?  

I'm fascinated by people and their stories and how they followed their passions.  


One day as a small child Thomas Edison came home from school and gave a paper to his mother, He said mom the teacher gave this paper to me and told me only you are to read it.   "What does it say"

Her eyes welled up as she read the letter. " Your son is a genus this school is to small for him and does not have enough good teachers to train him. "Please teach him yourself."  His mother did that until she fell ill and passed away.  Many years after Edisons mother died he became one of the greatest inventors of our century.  One day he was going through some of his things and found the folded letter his old teacher wrote to his mother that day he opened it. The message written on the letter was your son is mentally deficient we cannot let him attend our school anymore. " He is expelled" Edison became emotional reading it and then wrote in his diary Thomas A Edison was a mentally deficient child who's mother turned him into a genius of the century.

A positive word can change a persons entire life.   


Have you ever heard of Gillian Lynn?

She's a choreographer, and everybody knows her work. 

She did "Cats" and "Phantom of the Opera"

When she was at school she was really hopeless.

And her school wrote to her parents and said "we think Gillian has a learning disorder.

She could not concentrate she was fidgeting.

This was in the 1930's so she went to see a specialist.

She went into this room with her mother she sat on this chair and she sat on here hands for 20 min. while this man talked to her mother about the problem that Gillian was having at school.

 She was disturbing people, her homework was always late and so on.

Little kid of 8.

In the end, the doctor went and sat next to Gillian and said.

I've listened to all the things your mother told me.

I need to speak to her privately.

Wait here we will be back.

We won't be very long.

And they went and left her.  But as they went out of the room he turned on the radio that was sitting on the desk.

And when they got out he said to her mother.  Just stand and watch this.

And the minute they left the room she was on her feet moving to the music.

And they watched for a few minutes and he turned to her mother and said,

Ms. Lynn, Gillian isn't sick she's a dancer.

Take her to dance school.

Gillian said her mother took her to dance school.

Gillian said I can't tell you how wonderful it was.

We walked into this room and it was full of people like me.

People who could not sit still, they did ballet, they did tap, jazz they did modern they did contemporary.

She was eventually auditioned for the royal ballet school.

Founded the Gillian Lynne Dance company and met Andrew Lloyd Webber.  She has been responsible for some of the most successful musical theater production in history.

She's given pleasure to millions and she's a multimillionaire.

Somebody else might have put her on medication and told her to calm down.

We have to rethink the fundamental principles on which we're educating our children.

The updated science of what we are made of and who we are today.

Today the first part of this day I'm going to share with you the science that is so new it's not in the textbooks yet, on the other hand, it is the science that you and I and our children will use to solve the problems that we're leaving in the world today.  It's a very different way of thinking about things so for the next few moments I would like to share with you the science and I think you'll enjoy the science very much because it gives us a way to understand what we will see next.


1. That all matter is connected 

2. That there is a field of  energy that eist if what we used to think of the empty space.  This field is called the divine matrix.( The mind of god, the field natures mind. uatum holograms, all different names for this field.

3. when we create the right feeling inside of our bodies in our heats we make changes the field beyond our bodies.

Feel the maricles already happend without judgement without ego.

Compassion: The quilty to see the world for what it is rather then our judgements of what we make it.

We are to feel as if is already there to feel as if our prayer have already been answered we must first without ego or judgement .

Early christian  bible s after 1,2,3, hundred years the time of Jesus

One of our text edited from the Christian lost gospel of Thomas is powerful because it is believed to be actual words of Jesus as he was teaching those around him to use the power of human emotion in his life.

1.To unleash the force of the divine matrix in our lives we must understand

how it works an the science how it works.       

2)  We must speak the language recognizes

The heart and the Brain

Let's begin with the Brain and the MInd-The brain is a material function.  it's a muscle like the heart and the brain cells contain all memories.  I'm not a brain specialist but Ive lived a long time now and I watched a great deal.  Not only the reaction of other, what they say, what they think, what they want to tell you but also I watch how the brain reacts.

So the brain has evolved through time.  The human brain is contained within the skull. But it can go beyond itself.  You can sit here and think of your country or your home you're instantly there in thought not physically but instantly in your home or in a far away country.  The brain has extraordinary capacity. Technologically and so we know the brain has extraordinary capacity. That brain has been conditioned by the limitation of language, not the language itself but the limitation of language, by the climate it lives, by the food, by the social environment the society in which it lives and that society has been created by brain so that society is not different from the activities of the brain, years of experience, years of accumulated knowledge based on that experience which is tradition" I am british you are german, he's a christian he's a catholic he's a jew all of the nationalistic divisions which are tribal divisions and the religious conditioning. So the brain is conditioned.  And being conditioned it is limited. The brain has extraordinary capacity it has been conditioned and therefore limited.  It is not limited in the technological world.  Like computers and so on. But it is very limited with the psyche. People have said know yourself,

from the greek from the ancient and so on they studied the psyche in another but they never studied the psyche of themselves. The psychologist the philosophers the experts they never studied themselves. They studied the rabbits the pigeons the monkeys.  But they never say I'm going to look at myself.  I'm ambitious and greedy and envious I compete with my neighbor with my other scientists I want better follow. The same psyche that is technologically you're marvelous a outside person. So inwardly we are very primitive. So the brain is primitive in the world of the psyche now can that limitation be broken up.  Can that limitation which is the self-centered concern can all that be wiped away that means the brain can be unconditioned.  Then it has no fear now most of us live in fear. Most of us anxious, frightened of what's going to happen, frighten of death and a dozen other things.  Can all of that be completely wiped away and become fresh?  So that the brain is free then  it's relationship to the mind is entirely different. The mind ( the scientist) they don't go theoretically but actually see that one has no shadow of the shelf.  And that is extraordinary arduous to see the  me doesn't enter into any field. The self hides in many way under every stone.  The self can hide in compassion going to india and liking after the poor people because the self then is attached to some idea, some faith to some conclusions some belief which makes me compassionate because I love Jesus or khrisnia the self had many masks.  The mask of meditation, the masks of achieving the highest,  the mask that i am enlightened.  I know which what I speak of, or this concern about humanity that's another mask so one has to have an extraordinary subtle mind, quick mind quick brain tjo see where it is hiding it requires great attention watching watching watching.  but if one really wants to go into this very deeply one has to watch like a hawk every movement of thought every movement of reaction.  So the brain can be free from it's condition.  The speaker is speaking for himself she might be deceiving herself she ma be trying to pretend to be something or other.  You don't know so have a great deal of skepticism doubt, question.  Not what others say yourself.  So when there is no conditioning of the brain is no linger degenerates.  As you get older and older perhaps there brain begins to wear out they lose their memories they behave in most peculiar way not just in America vulgarity degeneration takes place in the Brian first.  When the brain is completely free of the self and therefore no longer condition then we can ask we aren going to ask not the brain then what is the mind? The ancient hindus     

It's important because those two fields make up the reality of what we are made up of.

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Our passport today is our relationship with ourselves and others

A scientific process of "who we are" 

Emotional and Social Intelligence

First of all, our consciousness is the common consciousness of mankind.  Our consciousness is our beliefs, our dogmas, our superstitions, our pains, our sorrows, our fears, our gods, all the things that we have accumulated as knowledge the experiences, the agony, the depression, the anxiety, the isolation, the loneliness, the sense of deep sorrow, not only personal sorrow but the sorrow of mankind, war after war, the sorrow of divided nations, the Arab and the Jew, the Hindu and the Muslim, the communist and the capitalist and so on. All is part of our consciousness.  it is the consciousness of mankind, not your consciousness or mine, or his, because we all have innumerable problems, we all seek certainty, we all want security, a place where we can be psychologically safe, undisturbed.  This is the common lot of mankind, whether they live in Russia, China, America, or here.

You may have a different color a different name, a different profession, deferent tendencies, different culture, your genes have inherited certain things but basically this is what we are.  

One aspect of the program is to bring a deeper understanding to your own physical, mental and emotional energy system. The techology  

Science is good and sometimes science is wrong and then we correct it, when we find the evidence to do so.  We will take a look at two areas that science has made false assumptions about you about me about our universe about this world and we are going to identify what those places are.

We are going to explore them today because it changes everything we understand about "who we are." 

The question is how much power do we really have to change our world, our lives, our bodies?

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The false assumptions 

There are two places that science has made false assumptions about you, about me, about our universe about this world.  Two places.  We are going to identify what those places are and we are going to explore them today.

Because it changes everything.  Where we understand the truth where science made the mistake.  

Science tells us that the space in the emptiness in the universe is truly empty- and we know that is not true today.

The space between you and me and between the stars is empty that's is not true.  Nothing can be farther then the truth, because there is something in that space.  And that something is what gives us the power to heal our bodies and to bring peace to our world and to change this world if we understand the language to speak to that stuff that is in the emptiness. Science tells us there is nothing there. We will look at the new findings.   

Science tells us that the inner experience in your heart in my heart that our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions, our prayers, our beliefs, in our bodies have no effect on the world beyond our bodies.  Do you believe that? 

There is a language that lives in every human that walks this earth it's a language of no words it's the language of human emotion it's a language was lost to western traditions 1,700 years ago.  But it is a language that has been remembered in Ancient and indigenous traditions.  Bottom line these are false assumptions, there is something in the emptiness.  There is no empty space.  It is alive it is pulsing it is living it is intelligent there is a field of energy that holds everything together and you and I are part of that field.  

The bottom line is we are going to share the science that tells us There is something in the emptiness there is no empty space. Today we are going to share the science that tells us 

1) that the field is there.

2)We are going to discover that our bodies and our world are the materialization that field.  From the unreal to the real, from the invisible to the visible, from the probability of the quantum possibilities to the reality of our physical world.  

3) We will find that the language of human emotion the language you already know we are going to learn how to use this language to speak to this field. The divine matrix.       

We are choosing our outcome at anytime you are not a victim of this world.

We don't have to suffer the way we believed that science tells us.  We are living a time where all those things come together right now.  What gives you and me the power to participate is the fact and it is a fact that this field of energy exist and everyone of you is speaking to this field every day.

The question is do you know what your saying to the field? 

The healing power of emotions

This is the story of two baby girls twins and they were born prematurely seven weeks premature the first thing they do is separate the babies now can you imagine living in the womb of your mother for six or seven or eight months and living close to another being your twin brother or your twin sister and hearing the heartbeat of your twin every day and suddenly you're taken from that.

What is electromagnetic interactions the things that hold you and me together makes compasses work operate the wi-fi and the weak force radioactivity  in particular taht changes one variety of element into and plays a very important role in the way the sun works.  

The electromagnetic force is transmitted by photons which are the quantum bundles of light which have no mass at all.

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