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Producer Joy Jangdhari in the upcoming show:

" Technology For Your Psychology" create positive change in our education system that combines neuroscience, mind-body training, and social and emotional learning to create the leaders of the future!

Welcome, All!

Tune in as Author / Speaker Joy Jangdhari

takes you on a journey to explore new (and old!) paths, discover fresh perspectives, and create possibilities. 

"Technology for your Psychology" 

  Highly recommended by doctors’ Health Care Professions, Teacher’s and Entrepreneurs to better understand oneself. 

Developing strategies to be more resilient by aligning our actions with our passion and managing life when facing challenges.

Looking Within

Looking within is stepping into an internal realm.  You become a witness to your own acts.  Every category of self-investigation in this show has techniques to assist in creating internal balance.  Recommended by Doctors, Teachers. Psychologist & Entrepreneurs!