Start with learning skills to Reduce stress, Increase energy and focus, Change self-limiting habits.

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Education: The word comes from Latin educate which means "to draw out of"  This education should draw people out of themselves.

It should provide people with an opportunity to grow in areas of self-esteem and capability, in compassion for living.

Our services span the professional development continuum from one-on-one consultation to large event planning and delivery to the management of national professional development centers.  All of our services are customized to support the unique circumstances of each organization and its staff.

Interactive, skills-based training: One-to multi-day sessions on a single or several related topics.  conducted in person, online, or through a blended format.  Choose from our list of existing designs or request a topic specific to your needs.

Training of educators: Build the knowledge and skills of participants to implement a program, curriculum, or strategy with Joy Events.  We offer TFYP " Technology For Your Psychology" for evidence-based programs and evidence-informed and LLAAJBBRFWLB " Living Life As A Joyful Being; be ready for whatever life brings!" booster sessions.

E-Learning services: Online course design, development, and evaluation.

Organizational development:  customized consultation for organizations, such as group dynamics, teaming, problem-solving, and solution generation, and meeting management.

Capacity building: available through grant-funded initiatives serving national and regional organizations that work with youth and communities.

Keynotes and presentations: Joy Events, professional development specialists are available for one to three-hour keynotes or presentations.

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Continuing Education 

This course provides evidence-based and practical methods to improve emotional Intelligence, facilitate well being and improve stress responses.

Empowering Teachers, Health Care Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Students! 

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Programs for your emotional and social learning 

And the top 10 Fortune 500

CEO who knows and use it! 

To be vibrantly alive, empowered and present in our lives even in the mist of stress and challenges.

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Joy Jangdhari

Joy Jangdhari

Chief Executive of "Health And Wellness Institute Worldwide"

CEO  Joy Events LLC


Operation Dare To Care 

Television Producer of Educational TV Talk shows NYC

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Technology for your Psychology

wellness programs create positive change in our education that combines neuroscience, mind-body training, and social-emotional learning, 

CEU Workshops for : 

Social Workers 



Case Workers

Marriage and Family Therapists

and more...


Empowering Creativity Worldwide

TECHNOLOGY: The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.

PSYCHOLOGY:  The scientific study of the human mind and it's functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context.


This program provides evidence-based and practical methods to improve emotional Intelligence, facilitate well being and improve stress responses in the health professional's settings. There are many challenging situations in dealing with patients that confront the health care professional on a regular basis. 

These techniques can reduce an emotional uproar and provide a

 "calm in the storm" presence.

 This Continuing Education program provides tools (technology) for accessing and beginning to understand the internal landscape. 

The participants will learn methods to evaluate their own habitual responses, negative conditioning, and survival skills.  They will be assisted in the self-study of beliefs, fears, reactions, and desires that are self-limiting.  Participants will identify "masks" to survive and protect themselves in this world and recognize new ways to not only "survive" but thrive!  

Your strengths and talents are not so much about what you do as about who you are being while you are doing it.

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"Every group is made up of individuals and though each individual affects the group ultimately the group affects the individual.  There are positive conditions that contribute and there are negative conditions that subtract the well-being of both the individual and the group.  The health of the individual can be maintained by various techniques ​ but the health of the group can  only  be maintained by the health of the individual."

Joy Jangdhari Author / Speaker

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